Poetry for Loners

My art is not fun

it is not catchy

you cannot clap

your hands

and hum along.


My art wants you to be alone

to look outside from your room

and sigh,




You can’t sing a sigh

or play drums to a sigh.


There is no spotlight,

there is little room for hope.

there is no pop no fizzle no pizzazz.


You cannot bring my art to a dinner party

serve with good friends over laughter.

you cannot sip my art

you must take in my art heavy.


My art is just me, just the Janine

that can fit into a line.

the me that stares out my window

and sighs,




3 thoughts on “Poetry for Loners

  1. Angie says:

    Thats a nice poetry..

  2. Jack Jankovitz says:

    I feel your words in “Poetry for Loners”.
    Very touching poem to goes to my soul.

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