From since when I can remember

there have been two sides.

I was born

dove wings and mournful longing

dancing before and across


outside of Her.

When he was born in the DP camps

there was no place to go,


called across the continents

“you may come and be”.

Now in the States

we are forced to remember

the cruel prison Europe

and the camel’s thick tongue licking

salt kisses from our cheeks.

There is another side

watching our celebrations and their calculating

eyes are not welcome,

even here, an entire ocean apart,

lines are drawn and everyone ascribes by them.

I felt sorry

and kissed one where the camel gave

his licks

and he kissed me back.

But it wasn’t enough.

You see,

there are lines

from since when I can remember

and in our circling dance

we do not step out.


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