Cry For Help

It’s time to admit, I’m not above a cry for help.

cry for help

At least that’s what I’ve realize about myself now after several friends have said to me,

“Enough with the sad Facebook statuses!”


“Enough with the Philly bashing!” (Followed with concerned eyes and shoulder rub)


“We’ve been following your depressing Facebook status updates…” (awkward pause)

When did I become the emo girl??

Now, being sick for two weeks does NOT usually breed contentment. However, enough is enough.

Pity is not my color.

No really, I’m far too fabulous for that.

And on a serious note, I was VERY inspired for an attitude readjustment by this fabulous woman, Lizzie Velasquez

So it’s been decided. No more pity party for me. Yes, I miss New Orleans. Yes, no other city can be New Orleans. Yes, I wish I were there right now. But, I came North for a very important reason: to study to be a rabbi. And not only am I blessed to be able to attend a prestigious rabbinical school but it also happens to be in the same city as my parents and friends and in driving distance to my sister and brother-in-law and nephew and niece.

Also, my fiance moved to Philadelphia so that we could pursue our careers and support each other.

I am. so. incredibly. lucky.

Okokokokokokokokok…big personal revelation moment, counting my blessings, blah blah blah Why Do You Care?


Well, because, I’ve decided to dedicate more writing space to finding my heart and happiness in Philadelphia. Which means more blog posts! More fun! More self-deprecating humor! More family stories! Less sad!

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