Gone To See That Mardi Gras

It’s parade day in New Orleans. The sun is out and it’s about 75 degrees outside. From my window I heard a horn playing. It’s going to be a magical day.

Tonight I have services for Shabbat AS fdm.snfl ewkbf:ewkjbf :ebnf: bwef

So, I won’t be able to see Krewe of Cork, Krewe of Oshun, or Krewe of Cleopatra.

Oh, but I’ll be back tomorrow St. Charles. You know I will.


I think there’s a bear mauling a Mardi Gras Indian in this photograph. That’s different.


Sunday is Krewe of Barkus, which you are correct to assume is an all canine krewe. I’ve wanted to see it in the past, and this year I’m making it happen.

I would bring Fitz, but he would most likely lose his little freaking mind with all the dogs around on leashes. We would never be allowed back.

In honor of the first weekend of parades, here is a list of my favorite things about Mardi Gras

Sound of Music style…


These are a few of my favorite Mardi Gras things

1. The Rolling Elvi

2. King Cake, obvi


3. 610 stompers

Ordinary Men. Extraordinary Moves. New Orlean’s one and only all-male dance crew.

4. Beads in the oak trees

(c)2009 Sharon Keating

(c)2009 Sharon Keating

5. Dressing up

lindseyand me

6. Dressing up as Marilyn Monroe and catching the Marilyn coconut from Zulu

me as marilyn

7. Seeing everyone else dressed up


Happy Carnival, y’all.


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