music interlude, part 1

In honor of my promise to see more live music in New Orleans, last Friday I saw Kristin Diable at Oak Wine Bar. I’ve been wanting to see her perform live ever since I feasted my senses on this little lovely:

Unfortunately, Kristin was not sporting a Marilyn hair style at Oak. However, unlike some musicians who use retro fashion as a gimmick to hide their lack of talent- yes I’ll watch a Katy Perry video, but only on mute- Kristin doesn’t need a costume.

We arrived later than we had hoped, so we were only able to catch the second half of her set. However, we were able to get a seat closest to Kristin, which enabled us to actually hear her over the loud conversations of 20-30 year olds, too concerned with their own social bubble to know what they were missing.

Kristin sang, played the guitar, and was accompanied by an upright bass player. Her voice retained that crystal clear quality live that she exhibits in her albums and reached a soulful depth many cannot imitate.

I’m not a music critic, or a musician. I’m just a fan of New Orleans music and musicians. My goal here is to share my experiences with you and hopefully open a few of you unlucky non-New Orleanians up to incredible music. For more about Kristin Diable click on over here:


One thought on “music interlude, part 1

  1. eileen says:

    I saw her there a few weeks ago. She is amazing! It was my third time aeeing her and my friends and I were probably the only ones actually listening at the wine bar. Great post!

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