I’d like to be that lucky devil

Meschiya Lake = Goddess

For a Catholic city, New Orleans is known for having its fingers in pleasure everyday. There is truly no shortage of music, food, costumes, liquor, or parades.

Speaking of costumes: After my visit home for Thanksgiving, I packed up several costume items from my childhood room. You never know when you’re going to need a crown of roses or a NJ Shore style trucker hat with your nickname spray-painted on the front.

Senior week ballin’

I once was listening to a story on WWOZ (the local, independent Louisiana radio station) about a young woman who was thinking of moving from New Orleans. She said that while packing her belongings a friend asked her if he could have her trunk of costumes. She was shocked at the audacity of the question and told him, like any New Orleanian would, “No, of course you cannot have my costumes.” Her friend replied, “Do you think in any other city you will have use for all those costumes?” And when she thought about it, she realized that her friend had a valid point. Only in New Orleans does one need costume makeup, glitter and corsets all yearlong. The happy ending to this radio-story? The young lady decided to stay in New Orleans.

I’d like to think it was because there is no other place in the world where she could get her coffee on a Sunday morning in a tutu and wig without strange looks.

Like to drink coffee only in your preppy clothes? You don’t belong here.


So I have to be honest. After moving here two summers ago, I have allowed myself to go from a constant state of newbie excitement to a state of complacency with early evenings and thoughts of, “Are all these people really going out after ten p.m. on a Tuesday night? Glee is on!”

It was easy to give up on begin social when I work most Saturday and Sunday mornings. Add to that the fact that I’m not single and my boyfriend lives three hours away, so in the words of my married friend Rachel, “Nothing good can happen to me after midnight when I go out.”

But, I’m 25. That means I have only 5 more years until I’m IN MY THIRTIES and that means that my body only has 5 more years to be abused before it locks down at the thought of going out on a Tuesday night. 5 years!!

Please, please don’t touch me. I’m young, beautiful and feeling fragile at the moment while recognizing my own mortality.

So I’ve made a pact with myself. Starting today, December 1st 2011, I will see live music at least once every two weeks.

Above is just one of the many musicians I plan to see. And I’d like to share that journey with you all on this lovely little blog of mine.

Btw- this resolution is maybe only a teeny, tiny bit of a way to distract myself from the major goal of my 25th year...at least I’m honest!


3 thoughts on “I’d like to be that lucky devil

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  2. Lisa K. Anderson says:

    You make me want to move to New Orleans again, with my treasure trove of dress-up clothes. Shine on, sista!

  3. […] goal of mine was to see more live music in New Orleans. A recent highlight was last Thursday night at Le Bon Temps Roulé. Bon Temps is a great locals bar […]

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