combined super-mega awesome new poem

Right now I’m working on a few pieces to submit to the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival. While searching through my poetry section I realized that several of my poems deal with the same topics: memory, death, family, Brooklyn. Some of my favorite uplifting material! So then I thought, hey, why not combine these poems to make what I like to call


I think this is a better version of “green awning” and “Wallpaper”, what do you think?

My mother told me the Brooklyn I am chasing is gone

(since you asked, I can’t point you in the right direction).

What had been a green awning may now be crumbled and discarded along with

the shul no one visits anymore.

Yet the Star is still visible on the door of what is now a church.

Green olive branches, possibly, line the walls

but memories change

what could have been just leaves on the wallpaper.

I want to scream “I ran in that basement,

I heard the mourning Hebrew, the shuffling of Orthodox swaying”.

But I am left on the street

calculating the time

collecting the words

when one part becomes a memory

and then it’s remember remember

the wrinkles in the pages force a meaning from remaining.

And what can you do with memories

except tell the stories over and over and over until the people alive

can’t recognize the dead

and the stories

stand upright alone in the corner watching you sleep.


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