“If the 9 billion people predicted to be with us by 2050 were to have the same lifestyle as Americans, we would need five planets.” Ahmed Djoghlaf

“The rate of extinction is currently at 1,000 times the natural, historical, background rate of extinction.” Jonathan Granoff from Tikkun

And to think of that young, ignorant conservative boy telling me he thinks it’s God’s plan and that humanity should not be so egotistical to think we are causing all this [damage] and that we should not go back and fix what has already happened.

So, in other words, luxuriate in your lazy self-righteousness!  Take no responsibility. Have blind faith that God’s happy with destruction, and don’t try to rehibilitate the earth in any way- especially by caring for endangered animals because, really, how can we know mankind is the reason those animals are becoming extinct?


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