Carnival 2011: a love note to the crescent city

Carnival is officially upon us!

Say Hell Yeah!


When I first moved to New Orleans in June, Mardi Gras was the last thing on my mind.

It was hot hot hot. And humid. It felt like death. I spent the summer months running from my car to air conditioning in a frantic  dramatic search of snoballs.


Yeah… keep pouring lover….

I was very demanding.

Then it was fall and New Orleans experienced a HUGE relief from the weather. There were Jewish holidays, Halloween parades, birthday celebrations, and excited preparations for the winter holidays. As each month passed I felt more and more at home in my new lovely city and I began to really see parts of the New Orleans I never knew existed before my move.

I want it I want it I want it


New Orleans was once a dream location I thought about from my little apartment in North Philadelphia. I had never visited. I had no idea what it even looked like. All I could imagine were the sounds of trumpets and horns, the smell of Cajun spices cooking, and an abundance of happiness from locals.

At Temple University I studied the poetry of Tonya Foster. She is my muse; an inspiring poet from New Orleans, her writing about the city and of family memories inspires me to write my own poetry, one in particle being my poem “The Shape of His Voice”.

Whatever you do, you should click  below to listen to her read:

Tonya Foster New Orleans Bibliography

Oh, and then come back here.

Tonya Foster


Once winter passed and Valentine’s Day candy went on 80% clearance these little flirts began to pop up everywhere:


oh you beautiful tease

The delicious King Cake. You’re looking at one beautiful concoction of cinnamon, sugar, and a little plastic baby Jesus.

Everybody loves an 8lb, 6oz baby Jesus

And now that we are a two weeks away from Mardi Gras, the city is painted/strung/glittered/accessorized green, yellow, and purple. And although my first and only Mardi Gras experience was my Mardi Gras themed Bat Mitzvah…


…I’m really getting into the celebration.

You can really feel it in the 70+ degree air. People are solidifying plans, talking about optimal locations along the parade route for potty services and refills, ways to catch the coveted throws from each Krewe’s parade, how to NOT get trampled…you know, all the necessary information.

I’ve checked plans with friends, downloaded my Parade App, and scrutinized over city maps.

I'm going in.

This city is about to kick into high gear. Schools are on break. Government buildings and private businesses close down. There is nothing else important from March 3rd – March 8th.

Because for a city that went from this :

to this:

to this:

There’s a whole group of us who are ready to celebrate.



3 thoughts on “Carnival 2011: a love note to the crescent city

  1. Kevin says:

    You should be the next Mayor of New Orleans.

  2. wifey says:

    Umm, I loved how you threw in the talladega nights reference. And I also love how the picture of you going into the madness is that adorable puppy! Oh and your mardi gras bat mitzvah shirt:) be careful!! Get beads…or don’t? Haha, I’m not sure how I feel about that being your wife and all.

  3. janinejulia says:

    Umm, and I love how you read my blog. That makes me muy happy. Especially since the Talladega Nights reference is for you!

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