found note 4/16/2009

climbing down fire escape

what do you want her for? she’s a pig

I don’t want either of you!

Anna Goldberg

2 weeks at Catskills

Work at shop 5 yrs

Summons to court

“I was trying to get them back together”

She crossed herself and

ran out

Aunt Barbara cancerous mole on back of head.

You know- we had sex

She told him- I’m a

crazy woman- keep family


My brother likes your wife.

he has one suit- he don’t work-

She was jealous.

After that night-got into bed and then

I want  you out

by 4pm.


If you come here

again, it will be

your last trip.

Anna+Maxy+Maxy’s workers

moved her out

you want to

go bathroom?

I’ll hold


Swimming pool

Fred + Max

to meet girls


One thought on “found note 4/16/2009

  1. Josh Zenker says:

    Is this a real found note? FOUND Magazine would like it, I think.

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