Selena writes a poem

Look, I never claimed I was the only talented person in my family.

But I also never acknowledged my family members for their talent too.

Now, I am remedying this mistake.

Look! My sister is a poet too!

She wrote this poem about my favorite topic, ME.

great new friendships

bad ass town

street car by my office window
so rewarding
got my period

Is it a stretch to say we resemble the Bronte sisters in talent, and beauty?


4 thoughts on “Selena writes a poem

  1. selena says:

    Isn’t it technically plagarism since I was quoting your email?
    Don’t sue me. Then again, I could sue you for publishing without my permission ;-D
    …can you tell we’re Jack’s daughters!

    Love you.

  2. janinejulia says:

    All written art is plagiarism. I learned that in my college Advanced Poetry course.

    And I gave you credit, kind of, so you can’t sue me.

    Yes, we are Jack’s daughters. Anyway, I had a personal lawyer look over this post before I published it. You can’t even trust family these days.

  3. Selena says:

    Have dad on retainer, I see. He would totally sue my ass.
    Again, YOU wrote the poem. Isn’t it funny how you think I wrote a poem about you …. and it’s your work the WHOLE TIME?!

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