the only person to blame is you

Via Kapi

I love my new job. I love the people I work for/with.

Who knew how easy it was to be happy?


4 thoughts on “the only person to blame is you

  1. Josh Zenker says:

    I like the flowchart. However, I think the “keep doing whatever you’re doing” balloon oversimplifies how to maintain happiness once you attain it. Sometimes you need to be proactive and change something in your life in anticipation of the unhappiness that would result from neglecting to do so. Come to think of it, the chart simply says, “Change something.” So I suppose that doesn’t necessary mean something in your own life but perhaps in someone else’s.

    Regardless of the chart’s merits, I’m glad you’re happy in your new job. (By the way, what is your new job?)

  2. janinejulia says:

    Josh, you’re totally correct. It’s an oversimplified way to express something intangible. Something that people– wisemen, idiots, celebrities and rulers –have yearned for/debated/added to our constitution and have yet to come up with one conclusion on how to attain happiness.

    But sometimes charts are a fun way to make some kind of sense of everything.

    I work at a congregation in New Orleans as the Religious School Director.

    Good luck on your own personal “flow chart”.

  3. Melia says:

    I love this! I’m a big fan of the philosophy that being happy is your own responsibility. If you’re not, do something else. It’s a constant practice: checking in with yourself, seeing if you’re where you want to be, and correcting course if you’re not.

  4. BirdOfParadox says:

    This is now a permanent exhibit on our refrigerator. Thanks.

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