Mississippi, Strong and Proud

There is so much to be excited about in Jackson this week. I’ll just cut to the good stuff:

Art by C Leigh McInnis

Art by C Leigh McInnis

Mr. C Leigh McInnis, a true force in the literary scene of Mississippi, has an article featured in Oxford American about Afro-American MS writers and artists. Here is an excerpt:

“With poetry, there seems to be two opposing traditions. At one end of the spectrum is the poetry of the white university and the major literary journals, which is laden with imagery and an esoteric, minimalist technique that is more challenging (for the average non-English major) to crack than a CIA code. At the other end of the spectrum is the poetry presented at open-mic/spoken-word houses across the country, which is often devoid of imagery, rings like limericks, and is celebrated more for the poet’s performance style or the subject matter than for the quality of language. Most poetry falls somewhere between these two poles, but the poetry in the literary journals is not read by very many people, and the poetry in the coffee houses is not published in many journals.”

Read the full article here.

There is also a link to poetry by several prominent writers in Mississippi. One is Poet of Truth, a regular poet at the Writer’s Spotlight. Another is Skipp Coon who will be performing this Friday at the Jackson Arts Collective Showcase. And of course, you can hear some of Mr. McInnis’ phenomenal work: Afro Mississippi poetry

Which leads me to another announcement. All three of the above mentioned poets, as well as myself will be performing this Friday at the Jackson Arts Collective Showcase. We will be joined by several talented writers, artists, dancers, and actors.

fall sowcase

The Showcase will be held at The Commons 719 Congress Street, Jackson, MS. The event runs from 6-11, but the writer’s presentation will be in the coffeehouse from 7-9.

Here is the tentative lineup for the night:

7-710                Poet of Truth

710-720             Doug Jennings

720-730             Jerry File

730-740             Blaque Butterfly

740-750             Katrina Renee Byrd

750-8                Skipp Coon

8-810                C Leigh McInnis

810-820             Talibah Smith

820-830             Latoriya Phillips

830-840             Janine Julia Jankovitz

840-850             Dierdre Payne

850-9 John Howell

9-910                   Marcia See


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