the week after

Thank you to everyone who made September 25th the best Writer’s Spotlight to date.

I will post pictures very soon, promise.

Here is an excerpt from an article in this week’s JFP written by the editor Lacey McLaughlin.
Thank you, Lacey, for the kind words.

[Editor’s Note] Kicking It Up

by Lacey McLaughlin
September 30, 2009

“I have a confession; lately I haven’t been living in the moment. Here at the JFP we have a million ideas and staff members who work insanely hard because of their commitment to doing good work. I think all of us struggle with the fact that there are only so many hours in the day that keep us from implementing all those great ideas. To-do lists can run several pages, and at the end of the day it can be hard to leave the office. I feel fortunate, though, because my work doesn’t feel like work—every issue we put out is a collaboration involving creativity, wit, perseverance, excitement and lots of soul.

So on Friday when I attended the Writer’s Spotlight at the Eudora Welty Commons, I found myself checking off my mental to-do list and thinking about this issue instead of absorbing the work of fellow writers. Then local poet Bob Hudson started reading poetry from a book he recently self-published. I don’t know Mr. Hudson, but his poems drew me in, and I found it difficult to think about anything else.

Local freelance writer Janine Jankovitz who also works at the Institute For Southern Jewish Life, organized the Writer’s Spotlight in an effort to create an outlet for writers to share their work. A broad spectrum of writers from beginners to publishers stood up and read their hearts out. Each poem or short story made me laugh or reflect on my own experiences. The event displayed a vibrant pocket of talent that lives within our city and left me feeling humble.


These experiences brought me back into the moment. I was able to reflect and relate to these local artists and truly enjoy the act of expression. Efforts to make Jackson to a home for artists—young or old, rich or poor, and black or white—-to thrive should not go unnoticed.

The excitement is contagious and inspiring. Each of the events I attended contained so much soul and hear, with no signs of pretension or “art snobs” in sight. People like Krista Bower, Jamie Weems, Adam Collier and Janine Jankovitz are doing an amazing job in bringing together the art community. So many others are doing the same thing, and their efforts are at the core of Jackson’s Renaissance.”


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