Performing This Saturday Night!

chickballpicture from the Jackson Free Press

Unless you call Jackson, Mississippi home, you may not already know that this Saturday night is the 5th annual JFP Chick Ball event at Hal and Mals.

The Chick Ball is an event to raise money for the Center for Violence Prevention, which offers services and support for families in a domestic violence situation in the Jackson metro area and surrounding communities.

Saturday night I will be performing some of my work alongside an impressive lineup of female writers, performers, and musicians.  Here is Saturday night’s lineup:

6:30 St. Bridgid

6:50 Spoken Word Janine Julia

7:05 Hot Tamales

7:25 Spoken Word Blaque Butterfly

7:40 Time to Move with Lady Mary

8:00 Spoken Word Queen

8:15 The Paper Dolls

8:35 Awards

8:50 Lizz Stroud

9:10 Spoken Word June Hardwick

9:25 Bellydance

9:45 Announcements

10:00 Tenia Sanders

10:20 Spoken Word Lyrik

10:35 Infinite

11:35 DJ

It was only one year ago when I attended the Chick Ball (it was my first big event in Jackson) and I hardly knew anyone there.  I am honored -and astonished that only in one year- I have been asked to perform.

Tickets for Saturday are $5., please come out and support the event!

I’ll be on extra early in the night, please come say “hi”!

And head here for more information on tickets and to learn more about the event itself.


One thought on “Performing This Saturday Night!

  1. [c] says:

    it was that very same night that i first carried on a conversation with several really adorable jewish girls…one of whom i now share an apartment with!

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