this next month

After a very successful Writer’s Spotlight, I’m glad to take a bit of a break this next month to work on my own writing.

It is my goal (dream) to write a memoir/narrative fiction about my family’s story. I write poetry dealing with memories, Brooklyn, the holocaust (which can be found on this site under the “Poetry” tab) but writing the story has proven to be much more difficult.

Last night, while listening to  The Upside (an amazing band from Tupelo, Mississippi) I finally began the story I have been trying to write for years.

There’s no feeling like the one when your pen hits the paper and writes exactly what you have been trying to say for years. That feeling is exactly why writers do what they do, and how they stay motivated through -that dreadful condition- writer’s block.

I’m excited about last night. I feel energized and cannot wait to continue.

Some pictures of inspiration from a new blog I recently fell in love with:


swedish rockabilly

both photos by: ginny branch stelling

I’ll be off storytelling, happy monday!


One thought on “this next month

  1. Michael says:


    Consider us absolutely honored to have been the backround music for your creativity.


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