I love learning from fellow writers and artists what inspires them. In this spirit, I would like to showcase some of the things that inspire my work in hopes that it inspires you. This in no way is a complete list, and I’m hoping to continue posting inspiration that comes along. And if you come across pieces of inspiration,  share them here!

eudora-welty2 Ms. Welty

Today, April 13th is Ms. Welty’s birthday. She is an inspiration as a strong female voice, writer, and photographer. Below is one piece of her work:

welty-photographMs. Welty is famous for her ability to capture the essence of Mississippi, rich poor, black white, and everyone in between. I am currently reading a collection of her short stories, and will be visiting the Mississippi Museum of Art to see her 1939 New York photography exhibit. I hope Ms. Welty’s superb work can influence some good into my writing and photography as I spend the next year in her hometown.

frida_kahlo_070613_ssvFrida Khalo.

I love everything Frida represents. Her love of art, life and her passion for honesty in her work. Frida was never afraid to show personal pain to the public. She is a heroine for all female artists and writers who have been told to “relax” or “smile more” or “your work is too sad, can’t you be a bit more upbeat?” Frida never answered to others. She wore the clothes of her nationality, she cut off all her hair in a time of mourning, and she wasted no time with conventional beauty. She loved passionately and lived in a world of vibrant color.

temple-003Magic Gardens, Philadelphia PA

temple-010Isaiah Zagar took  glass, ceramic, and metal headed for the dump and created an amazing world of mosaic art called Magic Gardens. He has changed the look of South Street, as well as other buildings and sidewalks in Philadelphia.

Isaiah’s son, Jeremiah Zagar created an independent film called In A Dream, about Isaiah’s life and work.

Listen here : beirut a sunday smile

Beirut’s music is intoxicating. I’m not great at describing music, but to me it sounds like an Eastern European band, accompanied by Mexican horns, creating a sound resembling an old world circus. It’s fantastic.

more soon…


2 thoughts on “Muse

  1. Luke says:

    You were my muse today. I haven’t posted a blog in months. I am glad to see that you have found mediums to let your thoughts out. I always did love to hear what you had to say.

  2. janinejulia says:

    Thank you Luke! That means a lot to me.

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