You may have been wondering, what happened to *Tips for Better Life By Nithya Shanti? Have no fear, for this post is dedicated to tip #3:

Sleep for 7 hours

Oh yes, sleep. mmmmm. The precious, loving, womb-like state that is sleep. For me, one of the greatest adjustments entering the real world post-college was losing my naptime.. This new stage in my life, a full-time job, required cognitive brain energy from me for a straight eight and a half hours each day, five days a week. This terrified me. I couldn’t believe the rest of the world lived like this. Yet, as many well-meaning people are forced to do, I conformed to The Man. It seemed the benefits of health insurance, good credit, and financial independence overpowered my cranky tantrums.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still a serious napper. I scoff at the thirty minute nap. I laugh in the face of one hour. No, when I’m out, I’m out for several hours. It’s been said that I only keep Shabbas for the naps. And if that’s true, I ask, so what? If G-d sanctified a day for me to return to my blissful under-the-covers-happiness, shouldn’t I please the holiest request of all?

So when Nithya Shanti tells me seven hours of sleep each day is one way to a better life, I’m in full support. I’ve never understood the motivated members of society that use late night hours for dissertation research or crafting their first novel. You know the type, the ones who need only three-four hours of sleep a night. That makes me queasy. I’m not sure I trust people who refuse to sleep.

Maybe you think I’m lazy. Maybe I’m concerned because I may agree. There are many things on my To Do list. As a writer who gets paid to work full-time in the non-profit Jewish education world, working on my craft has become increasingly difficult. But after a full day staring at the computer screen, answering calls, and sitting in on staff meetings, my pillow is the only tool I want to employ in the late hours of the evening.


One thought on “sleep

  1. matt (philly guy) says:

    amen janine, but even with free time to write (outside of work, school, and… hah sleeping. busy schedule!) inspiration is still a difficult thing to come by… frankly, sometimes, nothing can be more inspiring than a good sleep.

    my body won’t let me sleep for less than 8 sometimes… but when i get to 12 its not as refreshing.. hah!

    i hope we can lay out in springtime weather, in the grass, under a sliver of sunlight sometime soon. you could use the break, no? lets take a nap in warm weather next time we’re together. like we did back at temple! how about… kentucky bluegrass? road trip! ahhhhh!



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