writing exercise, take two.

Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.

Why is silence so freaking invasive?

For this activity,  I have decided to sit in silence for ten minutes, while at work, and jot down everything that comes into my silly brain.

Here are the results:

11:19 am

ten minutes is a long time

am i doing this right?

i hope no one comes over to my desk to bug me

why am i so grouchy at work?

i’m hungry

what should i eat?

why is good food so much more expensive, blah, you know why.

o no i have to pee.

it’s only been a minute.

does anyone read this?

i really have to pee.

if i pee does that break the “silence”?

maybe this only works if i sit in silence at home, where there’s no computer typing and no voices and distractions.

seven  minutes to go

would i make it through meditations practices?

i’m pathetic.

that’s no nice, janine.

did i spell practices right?

wow, no one has come to interrupt me.

it can’t be good for you to stare at a computer screen everyday for eight hours.

i miss my family.

still have to pee.

i have not had any water this morning.

tootsie roll pops are definitely not natural in flavor. or natural in anything for that matter.

it’s a good thing i don’t smoke.

what if my parents read that?

what am i going to eat for lunch?

results lead to the conclusion that i am boring.

three minutes.

when can i take a weekend vacation to New Orleans again?

two minutes.


i should really buy some new shoes, these are falling apart.

that writing class was a great waste of money.

one more minute.

“these are falling apart” reminds me of Chinawa Achebe. is that how you spell his name? most likely not.

i am definitely going to pee after 11:29

i will never learn to spell definitely without spellchecker.

it’s almost 11:30

almost lunch time

it’s 50 degrees outside in late January

11:30 IT’s OVER

*after my pee break*

it’s now lunch time, and time to get back to NOISE and bustle.


2 thoughts on “writing exercise, take two.

  1. rachel j says:

    “wow, no one has come to interrupt me.”

    i’ll never feel bad throwing things off your desk again!

  2. Shannon says:

    Haha… I think the “sit in silence” thing includes no typing on keyboards… i dunno about your keyboard, but mine is pretty loud.

    actually, i do this a lot, especially when I get home from work, before I turn on the tv/computer/stereo/whatever, I set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes, sit on my couch, close my eyes and think about absolutely nothing… sometimes i count, but i try really hard to think about nothing. it’s sort of refreshing after a busy day at work and an even more stressful drive home.

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