writing exercise, take 1

(see post below for explanation)

. Take a 10-30 minutes walk every day. And while you walk, smile.

I live in the South where the winter weather is sometimes 65 degrees, so you would think it would be easy for me to fulfill the task of walking everyday. However, I have this annoying thing called a job that keeps me until 5pm. I know, I could wake up at 7 and take a walk, but who the hell does that??

So lunch hour right? Wrong. I live in a city without sidewalks. My beloved Philadelphia (where I was last seen seven months ago) is definitely a pedestrian city, and Jackson is definitely not. When I walk in Jackson to the local coffee shop from my home people stare at me. Stare. I imagine drivers  thinking, “Poor girl, I wonder what’s wrong that she’s on the side of the road?”. No one walks in Jackson, not even to get some milk at the grocery, and maybe that’s why we are number one in obesity in America?

I don’t mean for this post to be angry or to sound grumpy. I’m not complaining, seriously. You believe me right?

Well, I’m not totally a jackass. I belong to the Y. I workout. The classes I take-  yoga, pilates, spin- are quality classes. I have really enjoyed being a member at the Y. When I show up for a class I feel welcomed by the instructor and the familiar faces of my weight-loss hungry comrades.

But, I miss walking in Philadelphia. It was so peaceful winding (solo) through the tiny side streets brimming with life. People shouting, taxis speeding through, aromas drifting out of the coffee shops, food vendors scooping hot dogs and relish,  flower sellers sitting in lawn chairs next to their multicolored roses. Senior year I hopped the Septa bus #23 at least three times a week and spent all most all of my free time in the city. I learned a lot about myself that last year of college. I crave that feeling of freedom here in Jackson.
Getting back to number one of the tips for a better life…

“walking everyday for ten minutes”,  it truly comes down to I wish I  would. I would be much happier if I carved time in my schedule to guarantee my skin was in the sun at least ten minutes a day.

Something I can do, smile more often for a set period of time. I once read that the act of smiling tricks yourself into feeling happy. I’m not kidding, your emotions are that stupid. SO if you have a bad day, force a smile for at least three minutes. You’ll feel goofy and uncomfortable at first, and then you’ll laugh and still feel goofy and uncomfortable but you’ll have gained a little bit of happiness.

So here is my resolution today, try to carve at least ten minutes of sunshine a day, and sit at my desk wearing a shit-eating grin smile.


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