no cover charge


Things are moving swiftly towards Saturday night’s performance. There are officially eight readers performing at the Writer’s Spotlight.

The readers are:

  • Vince Falconi
  • Tom Head
  • Annie Blazer
  • Kristy Asken
  • Lisa Alexander
  • Queen
  • Poet of Truth
  • and me, Janine Julia

Come out and support local Jackson writers!

Saturday January 17th, 7:30, Sneaky Beans Fondren no cover charge


3 thoughts on “no cover charge

  1. headslammer says:

    Interesting lights. I wish you luck at your performance on Saturday. I would be interested in going to that, it would be a cool thing to do on my birthday that night, but I’m up in the bitter bitter cold part of the country.

  2. Beth says:

    Sorry I was out of town for this one, but glad it went well! Rock on Jackson writers!

  3. […] you’ve been following this blog since the beginning, you know that I started the Writer’s Spotlight in January of 2009. The event was born from my need to meet other writers, create a writing community, hear other […]

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